Hi there, I’m Josie


This is what I look like when I’m thinking crafty thoughts.

I’m a freelance web writer and content strategist, specialising in copywriting and blogs.

Do you:

  • Have your website design box ticked, but worried your words aren’t working hard enough?
  • Know what you want to say, but can’t seem to get your words out without sounding too techy/boring/the same-as-all-your-competitors? (Delete as appropriate.)
  • Want your personality stamped all over your pages whilst still sounding professional?

Yes! Of course you do. Work with me and grab yourself some copy that speaks to your customers and gets them buying and socially sharing your stuff.

So, what makes me the girl for your job?

  • English is my first language. You won’t have to worry about weird tone of voice or annoying there/their/they’re mistakes.
  • You can be totally assured I know how to write for the web. I’m a media graduate, so I’m pretty good at writing for different purposes, different audiences and in the appropriate tone of voice.
  • I’m an award-winning Further Education teacher and have taught English, Proofreading, Business Studies and Enterprise. I’ve done a lot of reading, preparing resources and marking. If there’s anyone that knows about writing, it’s me!
  • I’ve been creating online content for 10 years+. (Yikes! That’s gone quickly).
  • All my content is brand new, shiny and original. And it’s written only by me. I don’t recycle or spin articles and I never use templates. (Urgh).
  • You’ll like working with me. Just check out my testimonials. I’m down to earth, friendly and flexible. Although not yoga flexible. Not yet.

So, what do you think? If you’re still not convinced, check out my samples and blog. You can see I ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talk the talk’ (or ‘type the type’, if you want to get technical).

Sharing is caring! If you want the latest on web writing, blogging and tips and advice on running a small biz, come follow me on Twitter @Redfoxwriting. I’d love to say hi to you.

Disclaimer: I also like cats. (I know, don’t say it). So there may be the odd tortoiseshell Tweet too.