Crafty Resources

We all need a helping hand on the webosphere from time to time. Time savers, tips, creativity hacks, comics drawn in MS Paint.

Stuff like that is always on my ‘Most Wanted’ list.

table mac.jpg

These are some of the crafty resources that help me run the Red Fox Writing internet den.

There’s also the last link. Use this when you are feeling MAD because Google+ isn’t doing what you want it to, or you can’t remember your Dropbox password and everything is just sooo rrRraRghhH!


Social media is a right old jungle. And man, that jungle is DENSE. Hootsuite enables me to schdule tweets and updates on my social media, so I can concentrate on the writing side of the business.

Grammar Girl

This clever chick is my internet girl crush. She keeps me from apostrophe catastophes. Some things need double-checking. For example, you could find out if double-checking really needs a hyphen. Like I just did.


We all need photos for our websites. Unsplash offers free, gorgeous, professional looking images that you can just download and manipulate to your heart’s content. Did I mention that it’s free?


Make jaw-dropping, gorgeous posters with this free poster creator! Hours of fun and recreating ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Am I Responsive

Find out what your site looks like on smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop screens. No more fear of website weirdness! Yay!

Pomodoro Technique

Are you a bit of a procrastinator, like me? This tool will increase your productivity. It’s a little timer that gets you to work in short bursts of time, usually twenty-five minutes blocks. Twenty-five minutes is easy. You pretty much do anything for twenty-five minutes.

Each block is called a ‘pomodoro’. That’s Italian for tomato. After every ‘pomodoro’, you take a short, four minute break. After four ‘pomodoros’, you take a longer break. Twenty-five minutes of hardcore working blocks + regular breaks = more work done and a happier you.

Hyperbole and a Half

I don’t know how to introduce this. So you’ll just have to click through and draw your own conclusions. I’m sending you through to my favourite cartoon. It’s also a spelling lesson. Hope you like it alot. I mean, a lot.