Rates and Delivery

Once I have written you something, it’s yours to do what you like with. You could:


  • Add them as fresh content to your site. Another brownie point from Auntie Google.
  • Stick your name at the end and claim it as your own. Your wrote that, you clever thing.
  • Contribute them as a guest post on someone else’s site (linking back to yours, driving traffic this way and making Google love you a little bit more).
  • Sell them on yourself. The articles belong to you now!
  • Print them off and make origami birds to hang around your office. How very Zen.

Sounds good? So how much do I charge?

SEO articles

Up to 500 words each: £18

Order 10+ SEO articles in one month to qualify for a bulk discount:  £16 p/article

Blog posts

Up to 500 words each: £30

Order 5+ blogs in one month to qualify for a bulk discount: £25 p/blog

Other content wizardry (like copywriting or Adwords content) 

Fancy something dazzling, but not sure what?  Got the product and a killer team, but your website is lacking a certain je ne sais quoi ? Get in touch and let’s talk content.


I send the articles in Word format so you can add/delete extra bits at your pleasure. Big bulk orders are zipped.

If you’re not keen on Word, let me know and I’m sure I can change my delivery format to suit your needs.